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This website is made for the purpose of helping people on doing things that they may not know how to do. It's simple: just click on the category of what you're trying to do on the left side and it will link you to another page. Then from there, you look at the links on the page that are appropriate to what you want. If it's not there, I'm sorry. I tried my best to put in as much as I could in the time possible but it's just impossible to put in every single thing in. I also linked a couple of my fellow classmate's websites to make mine look better. Heehee.

About Me

Why hello there. My name is Mike Wang. I am a handsome sophomore at Dougherty Valley High School. I'm very popular among the female race, and they find me quite attractive. My friends at school call me the "chick magnet". All girls at my high school dream about me, and whenever I say hi to them, they faint. Not only that, I'm very atheltic and smart. I'm the badminton captain, so as you should know, I'm quite muscular (to see how muscular I am go to my working out help link). I also have an A in P.E. which further shows how athletic and smart I am. My friends are jealous of me, and so they constantly insult me because they are just mad that I am such a perfect human being. It's great being me. :D