Potatoes are the world's fourth largest food crop. It is sometimes referred to as the "Irish potato". They are used to make many delicious or useful products (for more information about these products, click the "uses" link), which is why I chose to dedicate this site to potatoes. For fun and interesting facts, go to the "facts" page. To return to this page, click the homepage link.


The average person eats about 73 pounds of potato per year. Every day, the potato becomes more and more popular. Surprisingly, the potato and sweet potato are not related genetically. At the moment, China is the leading producer of potatoes, at about 74.8 tons per year. According to studies, humans can survive on a diet of only potatoes, and a bit of milk. There are about 4000 types of potatoes in the world. Most types of potatoes should be stored about four degrees celsius, in order to slow down decomposition, and the breakdown on the starches within the potato.


You may be wondering how potatoes affect you in real life. Well, they taste good. Enough said.