A Short Introduction

Alohaaaa! I'm Alisha. I'm a fifteen year old sophomore who is perpetually stuck within the brain of a five year old. Make me laugh with a doodie joke, not a sexual one. My favorite animal is a unicorn. I know they don't exist, but... you don't exist. Jk. Click "Blog" to read about my awkward life. Click "Share" for a few sites that you'll like fo shizzz. Click "Laugh" to cry. Just jokinggg, click it to laugh at funny stuff brf. Click "Help" for high school help-- things that you don't know how to handle, fashion, whatever you need will be there. Click "About" to learn about this site. Below is a small preview of the bloggz. Er, not preview. Just recently posted. Haaave a grrrrrreat day! Oh, and I'm really, really random. And tired. I need more sleep omg.

Cryinq 2.29.2013

I spent all of yesterday bawling my eyes out during practice. It was just a bad, bad day. Hormones are also eating up my insides, so it was kind of an inevitable thing. As you may or may not know, I'm a 100 meter runner for our track team. This year, the freshman are, like, teenage mutant ninja freshman, so I didn't make invitationals. I also pole vault a lot, and my coach forgot to enter me. After the day I'd had, that was the last straw. I kind of hid behind a building and spent the first hour of practice crying. Honestly, the best thing ever that cheered me up were my box of thin mints and my pole vault coach.

Doug, my coach, is my friend's brother, and it's been... awkward, to say the least, because last year, I told Jessica that I thought he was cute (What was I supposed to say? She asked me if I was attracted to him and I said "yes" because, I mean, it was one of those questions that the asker already has an answer in mind...) and she friggin' told him what I'd said. So I spent last year avoiding eye contact with him. He's good looking, but he probs thought that I'd formed some sort of an obsession with him, so...

Yeah. This year, it's a little better because a ton of juniors joined and they spend most of practice flirting with him. Er, trying to. Some of them are like... not taking the hint that he's their coach and will never be more.

Anyway, let me paint you this picture. I'm sitting down right next to the pole vaulters and watching them. The sky is a bright blue, but everyone is being really quiet because I'm crying like my dog just died and stuffing my face with thin mints. I kind of get this I'm-uncomfortable-with-crying-girls vibe from Doug, so I revert to the no eye contact rule of last year. He kind of walks over to me after about ten minutes and I'm thinking "Don't do it, Doug. You really don't have to."

Of course, he doesn't hear my thoughts because he's not Edward Cullen, so he scratches his head and says "So, thin mints, huh?"

At this point, I have large streaks down my face because my foundation was four dollars, and tears are still streaming down. Like... I kind of didn't really know what to say, so I said "Yeah. Thin mints."

And We Update, Too! 2.28.2013

Updating sections. Coding is awesome, guys. Learn it, love it, live it. Although I don't know how you'd go about living it. Just something to think about, I guess.

Hmmm... 2.26.2013

Sometimes, things happen to me that just... I don't know if I should laugh or cry. If my life were a movie, I'd probably place it in the tragic comedy genre. Not romance. Never romance. Forever alone. But seriously, life is so horrible to people sometimes. Namely me, and probably you, too.

Like, just the other day, I ran into one of my friends in the hall, so I ran up to hug her. Because I'm a weird freak with no social boundaries whatsoever, I threw my arms back and gave an exaggerated "HI!". Unfortunately, I didn't realize that there were a lot of people hustling about in that stupid, stupid building, and I... I...

I punched the girl that was walking behind me.

But I didn't punch just any girl, because life isn't that fair. I hit our homecoming princess, the nicest girl ever. Everyone loves her. Except me, evidently. fmlfmlfmlfmlfml.

Anyway, her eye started to water and it turned really red. Thankfully it was Friday, after school, so I didn't have to deal with seeing her black eye and feeling bad.

Moral of the story? Always wear gloves over your hands and a mask over your face so if you ever punch somebody on accident while trying to hug a friend, they won't know your identity because of the mask and you won't have to feel bad because your gloves cushion the blow to their face somewhat. Derp. Peace out, see ya' laterz. B)

A Day Brightener 2.25.2013

Just sending a few images your way to make your day a little better, hopefully. Funny images and videos are almost as good as chowing down on five gallons of ice cream, which isn't nearly as healthy. Try watching Friends, too. Bad days are much better with the Chan Chan Man (Chandler).

If you don't have access to Friends episodes, check out these videos that are hilarious omg:

After school and work, you're exhausted, so sit yourself down on a couch and forget about life for an hour. Lose yourself in some funny videos, play some games-- just relax. Work hard, but remember that you can earn billions and billions of dollars, but that won't matter if you're not enjoying it.

First Post Ever 2.21.2013

It's finally here, folks. The blog that possibly none of you were waiting for. Oops. Publicity isn't my strong point. Clown College doesn't teach any advertising classes, so I have an excuse. High school is an invaluable experience, to put it nicely, and I'm here to share my time here with you, awkward phase and all. You are not alone. You are never alone. *creepy smile* In all seriousness, though, I'll introduce myself. Perhaps not in all seriousness. I'm a jokester with a droll sense of humor. It can be dry and even dark at times, and sometimes, I'm a pun person. My name is Alisha and I'm a sophomore at your average, suburban high school. And that's all you need to know for now. See you laterr! (;